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A DIY Spa Day at Home


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In today’s world, everyone needs a little TLC. Girls love to relax and be pampered, and it seems like we can never get enough of this. Devoting just a few hours a week to yourself is priceless. A DIY spa day at home is not only beneficial for your well-being, but it is also budget friendly. Take your luxurious time with this head-to-toe plan to recharge yourself and conquer the world.


Step 1: Set the Mood

First, you need to get your mind and mood into relaxation mode. Turn off your cell phone, slip into a comfy robe, turn on your favorite relaxing music, and sip on some herbal tea or champagne. Let your body slow down and quiet your mind before moving onto the next step to fully enjoy the experience.


Step 2: Steam Treatment

Fill a small pot with water and heat it on the stove until it begins to steam. Drape a towel over the back of your head and hold your head over the pot to allow the steam to caress your face for 2-3 minutes. Increase the pleasure of a facial steam by adding a few drops of essential oil to the pot such as lavender, tea tree oil or rose oil.


Step 3: Exfoliate9c9f830ef7408f616535e980f0fe323b

Gentle exfoliation is one of the most important steps. Use a gentle circular motion instead of applying pressure, since your facial skin is sensitive and could stretch and wrinkle if you handle it roughly. Exfoliating is the best way to remove that build up, reduce clogged pores and white bumps while making your skin feel smoother.


Step 4: Face Mask

Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with any skin care concerns you may have. The right face mask can help hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance and texture of your skin. While having the mask on, read your favorite book or simply close your eyes and enjoy the music.


Step 5: Take a Bath

Fill your tub with water at just the right temperature, whether you like it piping hot or just a bit warm. Don’t forget to dim the lights, light candles and have your relaxing music playing. Stay in the bath as long as you please and bring that tea or champagne with you.


Step 6: Moisturize

The final step is moisturizing your face and body. After soaking in water, it is necessary to lock the moisture in your skin. Pat your skin dry and apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your body, and your skincare products on your face to complete your pampering routine.


It is important to have a least one day a week when you can rest and recuperate. We need to give our body and mind a break and a little downtime so we can relax, recharge and let our thoughts wonder. A DIY spa day at home is a great way to enjoy some TLC time while taking care of your skin.

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