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Beauty 101: The need for skincare and why it’s never too soon to stock your anti-aging arsenal



The skin isn’t just a random creation of human happenstance, a lovely by-product of nature that sits pretty (hopefully) atop muscles and bones and doesn’t do much else.  There’s more to this organ than meets the eye, as it’s constantly at work to keep us alive, healthy, and beautiful.  Here is a fun fact about the skin we’re in: We get a completely new dermis every 28 days! The top layer of skin that is perceptible to sight and touch, called the epidermis, exfoliates and sheds itself, revealing an entirely new outer shell every month.


Though the dermis, skin’s inner, deepest layers, has a built-in operating system for exfoliating and shedding itself, it is the liver that helps remove the sloughed cells for elimination from the body.  However, that doesn’t let us off the hook from having to constantly care, maintain, and monitor our skin to keep it beautiful, bright, gorgeous, and glowing.  And, if you adhere to a rigorous skin care, you’ll ward off the wrinkles, too.  The anti-aging aesthetics can be a pretty sweet payoff.


If you don’t take care of your skin with thorough, daily cleansing, weekly exfoliation, ample hydration (both inside and out), or sun protection, it will invariably retaliate in the form of breakouts, irritation, dryness and wrinkling, and its overall functionality will be compromised in the long term.  Although skin will shed on its own, proper and consistent exfoliation using a dry brush before bathing or loofah during bathing assists the natural elimination process along by preventing dead, lifted skin cell from piling up and getting embedded within pores, along with other break out-friendly bacteria.


Prior to adding product, optimal skincare starts with these beauty basics:


  • Seven to nine hours of restful, restorative, and rejuvenating sleep nightly
  • Proper nutrition and adequate exercise
  • Implementing relaxation through the form of meditation, yoga, exercise, reading, or any other meditative and tranquil hobby
  • Vitamin D supplementation (most people are vitamin D deficient due to the use of topical sunscreens) and other vitamin/mineral-based supplements to help fill nutritional gaps
  • Wearing an SPF of 15 – 30 daily, rain or shine, cloudy or clear
  • Implementing and adhering to a complete, constant, simple, yet effective, skincare regimen, while re-evaluating skin’s individual needs/concerns with the change of seasons, environments, and age


When you’ve got the otherwise mechanical necessities down, you can then start to employ an effective, step-by-step skincare regimen replete with anti-aging products and topical treatments.  With topical skincare, less is always more as to not overwhelm the susceptible skin, so we’ve simplified the process to a few, indispensable medicine cabinet musts.  Take note of these best beauty bets to ensure your skin always looks its best every day:


  • Cleanser

A gentle, suds-free, daily cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of its essential oils, which are needed to protect its lipid barrier, function best.  If you’re finding your skin feeling “squeaky clean,” it’s time to make a clean break.  Try SecretSerums® Daily Cleanser to softly slough the skin, while leaving natural oils intact.


  • Moisturizer

Lotions or creams rich in lipid-loving ceramides, beautifying botanical extracts, essential oils, and free radical-fighting antioxidants will help keep skin soft, smooth, and supple. A heavier cream for aging, or more mature skin, will impart a dewy, plump glow and is the perfect prep for makeup as it helps firm and tone skin.


  • Reparative Treatments and Anti-Aging Products

Treatments used to address varying skin concerns, as well as preventative anti-aging serums, containing retinols (vitamin A derivative), collagen-producing and skin-brightening vitamin C, powerhouse antioxidants (vitamins B12, E, and K), and cell growth ingredients (“plumping” peptides and plant stem cells) will help to repair, restore, correct, and protect skin on the molecular level. The powerful properties of these ingredients will help to reverse damage, while protecting against future damage.  For one-stop shopping in sophisticated skincare with clinically proven restorative and preventative ingredients, be sure check out the two-step SecretSerums® system. Formulated with a unique, proprietary beauty blend of ten bio-actives and zero phony fillers, this is next-generation skincare that’s giving Botox® the boot.

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