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Makeup Mistakes that are Secretly Aging You


  1. Using Too Much Foundation

When buying a foundation, avoid those described as “matte,” “velvet,” and “long-wearing”; look for sheer liquid formulas with light-diffusing pigments. If you have dry skin, foundation can look patchy and accentuate discoloration, so exfoliate two to three times a week and always apply a moisturizer after cleansing.


Many women end up looking they are wearing a mask because their foundation does not match their face/neck skin. When you go too light it makes your skin appear flat and lifeless. Instead of natural, it will look like the makeup is just sitting on your skin, which can add years to your face. But if you go too dark, it will visually drag your skin down thus adding dullness and heaviness.


In order to get the right color, when testing out a foundation, do not blend it in too much. Simply tap it on your face from the top of your cheekbone to the bottom of your jawline and try to not go lighter or darker than your actual skin. If you are tan on your neck and body, you can bring that color into your face with a bronzer, without having to use a foundation that’s too light. The goal is to connect your skin by blending it evenly across.


  1. Caked-on concealer

The area around your eyes is very delicate and needs special hydration and care. When you apply too much of concealer it can make you look older and accentuate all the fine lines. Instead, apply a thin layer of the under eyes concealer with a special makeup brush and apply it only on the areas “of darkness” where you need to conceal.


  1. Powder overloadmagazine-2009-03-masl04_powder

There’s a fine line between glowing and greasy skin, and many of us aren’t sure where it is. The biggest mistake women make when trying to control shine is forgetting to leave a little of that natural glow. Too much powder can wash out the dimension from your face.


To tone down oil without going overboard, use a lightweight pressed powder containing oil-absorbing mica and silica. For touch-ups throughout the day, use the compact’s puff and tap it onto, rather than rub it across the skin. This technique will deposit just enough product without crossing the line.



  1. Applying blush incorrectly

A frequent makeup mistake is putting blush on the apples of your cheeks. The clown-like rounds aren’t flattering to anyone. Another no-no is applying blush too far below the cheekbone, which visually will pull your face down. Instead, apply it along the cheekbone, using the center of your eye as a guide for your starting point. The upward sweep will visually pull your face upward, thus slimming it.



  1. Wearing too much shimmer

Stay away from “frost” or “iridescent” eye shadow as these light-reflecting formulas accentuate fine lines and creases around the eyes. If you can’t stay away from the glittery shades, opt for keeping it closer to the corner of your eyes, instead of swiping it across your eyelids. Or simply choose the matte version of the shadow instead of the iridescent one.


  1. Wearing dark lipstick

As you age, you lose definition in your lips, so to appear more youthful, you’ll want to wear a lipstick that adds fullness. A dark color does just the opposite, making your lips look smaller and less defined. Instead, choose something in a mauve or pink tone. Adding a layer of gloss is helpful as well. Many women feel like they are too old to wear lip gloss, but a shiny finish will actually add a youthful plumpness to your face.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’re forbidden from trying out all the berry and wine hues that are so popular this fall. But if you decide to go dark, just stay away from lipsticks with a heavier texture or matte finish because it will stay flat on your lips. Opt for a sheer and hydrating formula or a lip stain.

7.   Not using the proper wrinkle cream
Believe it or not, retinol, a popular wrinkle-repair ingredient, can actually add years to your skin if used incorrectly. Going overboard on the potent ingredient (known to cause irritation and dryness at high concentrations) can dry out your skin and make your wrinkles look more noticeable. Avoid this side effect by using no more than a pea-sized amount of retinol cream or serum on your entire face a few times a week. You can gradually add a day per week as long as you don’t notice any irritation, but if applying it just a few days a week leaves your skin feeling overly tight or dry, ask your dermatologist for a product with a lower percentage of retinol or no retinol at all such as Secret Serums My Secret Anti-Aging Treatment.

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